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Does anal sex really make your *** bigger?
Ive heard alot of people say this, and i was just wondering if it was true.
Anal sex is a very safe, if done right, alternative to the unsafe practice that is vaginal sex.

Does the butt get bigger when having anal?
I notice that when girls have anal their *** tend to get bigger, is that true?
thats a myth its not true
What are some stereotypes for EPL football clubs?
Not just the big 4 (****-anal, Liverpool, ManU, and Chelski).
Tottenham? Man City? Wigan?
Man U fans - Gloryhunters, Arrogant.

Liverpool fans - Thieves, jobless

Chelsea fans - Rent boys, Nazis

Arsenal fans - whingers, poofters

West ham fans - hooligans

Wigan fans - pie eaters

Man City fans - Bitter

Birminham fans - dopey

Really can't be bothered and none of them are really true. Apart from the Liverpool, Arsenal, city, chelsea, wigan, west ham and birmingham ones.
Is it true that if a girl has anal sex that her *** will get bigger?
a friend once told me this she was female too i just want to know is this true
Having anal sex can cause the opening of the anus to become looser and less constricted, which can make the anal opening appear larger, but that's the only change it's going to effect as far as a person's physical appearance. It's not going to make any particular body part actually grow larger.
Do men who like big butts want to do anal with the girls?
Okay so I just asked a question that pissed alot of women off and I apolligize. DONT KNOW WHY YOUR MAD OVER THE INTERNET BUT WHO CARES. But this is for the guys. I asked a question about big butts then I got to thinking. Why do we like big butts? I thought about why I liked them. It's because they are big round soft looks good and they get my dick hard....... Then I thought DICK of course! Obviously we must like big butts because we wan't to have anal sex eventually. But then again I always new I wanted to go up a girls *** hole. But do the other guys want to or is it just me? I mean you gotta look at it from all sides because the only type of woman or women that is going to let you shuv it up there or her *** holes are the slut/sluts and girls who have aids and stds... Think about it I know alot of men are embarresed to admit they would like to be in between but this is yahoo answers I mean it's not like you put your real pictures up here or something. Me personally it doesn't make a difference but i wan't ALL of you guys to be completely HONEST!
Yes guys want anal with those big round girlie booties, they just cannot resist the urge!
What are some good anal movies with anal creampies that are hetero?
something that isnt gay (no homo movies please) but guy and girl like this
big *** oil pile up
assolicious delicious
baby got back
Thriller - A cruel Picture (aka they call her one eye)
Does hardcore anal sex lead to disease piles?
Does hardcore anal sex lead to disease piles? When a bigger penis goes into ***...will it lead to piles?
Anal sex should NEVER hurt, if it does something is not right.

Read this through before you decide what to do. What I write comes form many years of pleasurable sex with my current girlfriend and my ex-wife.

Cleaning out your colon is only part of the equation. First of all, TAKE IT EASY, many women will say they have their best orgasms during anal sex.

Please know that there are risks involved in practicing anal sex. Some of these are: tears, anal fissures, development of hemorrhoids and recurring itching and irritation. In spite of this, many women enjoy anal sex as much as their partners. This is something you should do because YOU want to, not because you were led to by a savvy soft-spoken lover.

Most these conditions can be prevented or eliminated with proper preparation and proper cleanup both before and after the encounter. Never use lubricants with any type of anesthesia, this could mask any damage being caused by doing it wrong.

In order to minimize or eliminate the risks remember, the key is PROPER preparation:

First thing is to empty the colon. Use an enema at least 30 minutes BEFORE penetration. If you don't empty the colon you will experience pain and have a risk for rupture/lacerations of the colon or anus tearing. Just for illustration, fill a sock to the top with newspapers; now try to put your fist IN the sock to the toes... very hard to do. Now empty the sock and try to put your hand in. very easy with minimal expansion of the sock, If you use the enema your colon would not be stretched that much once you get the feces out of the way.

Two. LUBE, you can almost never have too much lube. Use a water based lube. DO NOT use Petroleum based lubricants or lotions such as baby oil or petroleum jelly. Go to an adult store or pharmacy, they have water based personal lubricants that will work fine. Have him apply it inside your anus with his fingers, very slowly. This will do two things, lubricate you and assist with relaxing the sphincter. Have him use one or two fingers for at least five minutes while he goes down on you or caress your body... just ensure he helps on relaxing your anus muscles.

Three take it easy and have him agree that when you say stop it means stop. You must control speed and depth of penetration or rhythm of encounter. For the first penetration try to push a little as if having a bowel movement, this will assist on relaxing the anus and ease penetration. He will enjoy if you tighten your anus after he penetrates.

I recommend he use a condom to prevent infections. After you finish ensure you both wash up very well. NEVER go from anal to vaginal sex without washing. This would be VERY DANGEROUS for you.

If you are concerned about STD's just ensure you have a clean partner.

Take it easy and have fun.

Don't forget, NEVER use Petroleum based lubricants, they can irritate you very badly.
Anal sex make your butt bigger?!?
I hear from everyone, male and female that having anal sex makes your butt is that possible?
I mean i really hop it is true, but why would it make your *** bigger? And not the *** hole, i mean just the butt in general
Maybe temporarily, but nothing permenant.

I've had butt sex before with women, and nothing magical happens that makes the butt grow.
Anal sex?????????????
Can u tell when a women has done it or not,anal? Does her *** hole get bigger all the time or it shrinks back to normal as if she never don it..just curious,never done it
The muscles in that area are very tight...unless it's done frequently with something large, there should be no permanent stretching out of the muscles...
If a man like anal sex and blow jobs from a girl , is he secretly bisexual or gay?
he also made these comments

"I wanna stick my finger up ur butt when u give me a *******" i said y he said quickly " cuz ur clean"
"take off ur panties and said what u have on", I replied during phone sex " Nuthing but a tee shirt " " He said damn thats hot OPEN ***..." ( He sisnt comment on my p*ssy or Titties alot !
Also One time during sex i said " DO U WANT ME TO SUCK UR TITTIES and he said yes and really got off on that"
He acts fem but pretends to be SO masculent
Also he treats girls so nasulently ... Is he gay or bi or is he str8 !!!

This is a SERIOUS question THANKS.

oo and also he asked for anal and said things like i dont want to be with that girl " HER *** ISNT BIG ENUFF"


Vaginal sex feels good, oral sex feels good, anal sex feels good, nipple play feels good. Just because he's willing to admit that and explore the full range of sensations his body has to offer does not mean he is gay.

If he secretly likes to pretend you are a guy while having sex with you, THAT would mean he's gay.

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