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Why are fat old ladies always mean?
The old ones seem to be the meanest ones.
omg, i knowwwwwwww, the old ones are always mean, idk y though.
The fat ladies are probably mean because they are mad that they spent their whole lives trying to loose some weight but they never succeeded and now they have to take their anger out before they die so that they can R.I.P. in half.
What's up with all these old fat ladies hating on beyonce?
first it was Etta now it's Aretha Franklin! Aren't we supposed to get wisdom from our elders?
Everone hates on Beyonce it seems...except me

I think that those women "hate" on her, because they think that she is just some young girl who doesn't know anything, and thinks that she is all that. They don't want her trying to outshine/disrespect them, because they feel that they deserve respect, because they were performing YEARS before she was born.

I am a VERY big fan of Beyonce, and have been a fan since Destiny's guy.

Other people only hate on her because she is talented, young, RICH, and is VERY sucessful, which most people aren't. She is also in a seemingly happy relationship with the big-time, grammy-award winning rap MOGUL Jay-Z, and the 2 of them together are worth about 1 billion dollars.

Also, unlike many stars, she didn't have a "rough" or "hard" guyhood, and it shows on her. She didn't grow up with the many issues that many other celebs had to go through, such as a bad neighborhood with many killings, a single parent, and poverty. She even got to take dance lessons to improve her skills.

She may not have had it all or the "perfect" life, but she had it better than most of the people that she has worked with/met/competed against. Many people can't handle women/men like her, because they wish that they could've had it like that, but they didn't, or they think that she thinks that she is better than everyone else. People like that are DEFINETELY hated on no matter where they came from or who they are.

I know this from experience. Despite the fact that i am NOT rich, i still get hated on at school, because i am a smart student that doesn't get in trouble/drink/do drugs/have sex, and i still remain happy. Many people can't seem to get over that about the fact that i am confident, but not conceited about my talents, so they would rather sit in the back of the class, and talk about me, because they wish that they had something that i do.
Why do hip hop music videos often have young black guys in costume as old ladies, fat cops, nerds, etc.?
I went to an underground performance last year and this one group had a "sidekick" performer dressed up and behaving like a handicapped person for one act, and as a fat cop for another. Then I realized that this was common in a lot of music videos/performances I'd seen. When did hip hop artists start doing this? Did anyone start the trend? What's the reason behind having young black men dress up and behave silly like fat cops, old ladies, nerds, superheroes, etc.?
because its entertaining to guys and some adults
My Godmother gave me a belt whooping for calling her an old fat lady yesterday and i was laughing do you think?
I will get another one if I ask for it?
You let an old lady beat you up??
Getting hit on by fat women and old ladies. Do I have a chance with young women?
Don't get me wrong, they're good people, but they are either way too old or too unhealthy for me to be interested. I've always been told that I'm handsome, and have had young girlfriends, but these days only the old and fat women make it known that they think I'm hot, or that I look good. Does this put me in their class? Not trying to be shallow here, but I do want someone my age and healthy (I'm 28 btw).

So is a good looking guy universally attracted to most women, or am I destined to be with one of the older, fatter ones? And if young women like me too, how come they don't say anything like the others?
.At 28 I'd assume you've had lots of experiences,with young women.So if the oldies are latching on to you.Seems the old guy with the scythe is catching up
Where can i find a fat old lady moo moo?
i am going to be tyler perrys madea and i have the wig, glasses, purse, dark makeup, all that but i can NOT find the purple floral print moo moo!
do a google search
Why Do Many White Country Boys Have Fat Women As Their "Old Ladies" As They Say?
Please notice i said "Many" not "All"...just an observation
Why is this of such great importance to you that you felt compelled to ask it 4 times in 2 day?

Just an observation.

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