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Do you think little girl teeny bopper Lil Wayne fans really know what hip hop is about? The history?
The memories it can bring to ones soul that has grown up on it? A true hip hop head...
youre just jealous that ive been chatting online with babes...

How can u tell wether a cute teeny kitten is a boy or girl?
I have a cute homeless kitten. We want to no if hes a boy or girl! hurry! its an emergency!
This webpage will show you the difference.
How do boys acheive boners when the girl has teeny misqutio bites?
(as in boobs)
you look at there nice a**...and picture them doing really amazing things that make you horny as hell...its not the size of there boobs always...there is so MUCH more!
What is that "itty bitty teeny weeny girl" song?!?
I have heard it on the radio.. Can't remember what station it was. It was probably either 107.1, or 107.5.

I have looked online, and still have no idea. Does anyone know?!
Are you talking about that song by Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston? Eenie Meenie?

What do you think are the average body measurements of a classic pinup girl?
That's the classic pin ups, not the teeny thin girls of today.
Classic pin up i would say someone w/ Beyonce's hour glass shape or even Hayden's Panettiere figure.


Where is the YouTube Vid of the teenage girl talking gangster?
Saw it last year & Shes some teeny bopper white girl and shes cussing and saying 'nigguhs' and just trying to be hard. There were a ton of parodys of it. I cant find it anywhere on youtube!
type in "teenage girl talking like gangster"
Do you like teeny tiny titties on a teeny tiny girl on a teeny tiny body in you teeny tiny world?
your opinion.
some men like small **** and some like big. the best thing about having small boobs is that they dont get in Ur way as much as big boobs like Pamela Anderson
Based on looks and a teeny bit of personality, which girl would you rather hang out with or date?
My friends wanted me to ask (and in case you are wondering, no, I am not included in this list), so here goes...

Girl 1:
Paler than some, but not too pale
Straight, blonde hair, long (about to the middle of her back), no bangs or anything
Big, pretty blue-green eyes
Kind of square-face (it's not really square, but you know how "face shape" typing is...)
Thin, not an hourglass when you look at her from the front, but she has been told a LOT that she has nice boobs/butt
Muscular legs from running (but not like bodybuilder muscular)
About 5' 6"
Very, very, very innocent. If you try to say a sex joke around her, she won't get it. At all.
Very feminine
Wears dresses a lot, or jeans and nice shirts (very girly)
Kind of obsessed with doing well in school

Girl 2:
Shoulder length, brown, curly (like ringlets) hair, with kinda side bangs (but curly, so different than "normal")
Big, somewhat exotic, green/hazel eyes
Heart-shaped face
Thin with long, kinda muscular legs (she's a dancer), some abs (not like a 6 pack, but they're there), small-ish but not really small boobs, perfect hourglass from the front
Doesn't like overly cheesy/romantic things
Wears colored skinny jeans with t-shirts or sometimes skirts or dresses (kind of borderline scene, kind of hippie also)
Sarcastic, but not mean
Horribly shy, but lots more fun when you know her better

Girl 3:
Not pale, not tan, just in between
Short (like just beyond chin-length) wavy brown hair with side bangs
Very very pretty face, but not particularly exotic/unique looking
Brown eyes
Oval face
Kind of curvy but not too much, big boobs
Bigger than "thin," but definitely NOT fat
Gets really really hyper
Wears jeans and t-shirts (a tiny touch of scene, but mostly just casual. loves band t-shirts, and music in general)
Very stubborn, jokes a lot
Very outgoing/social (kinda too much when she gets really hyper though)

So, based on that alone, which girl would you rather hang out with and why? Which would you think is prettiest/hottest? Which would you date if you had to choose?

:] thanks
i think the prettiest would be girl 1 but if i had to date one girl 3 i like someone who is fun and exciting and her personality seems great and i dont like women that are as thin as a toothpick

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